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3D Printing Service

Bluesmith is Duke University's 3D printing service.  Our team supports a variety of research and medical class systems to provide an amazing array of capabilities for the campus and health system communities.  

How it Works

3D prints will be created for you based on your submissions.  Each 3D printed part is of a custom nature so consultations are often part of the printing process. 

  • The requestor submits their 3D printed files to or emails the address to coordinate a project consultation. 
  • These prints will be configured and run by the expert staff at the print studio. 
  • Models are printed on dedicated printers using a variety of materials. Materials may be specified by the requestor or chosen by the lab consultant based on the needs of the application. 
  • We are often faster and less expensive than using online print services
  • Bluesmith is a cost-recovery service.  Charged fees are used to recover expenses related to printing materials and other lab consumables.  All money recovered from this service will be used to improve lab operation. 

All you need to get started is an .STL file of your model. We will get back to you with an estimate in one to three business days. Payment is accepted via fund-code or credit-card. 

Process Workflow

  1. Upload the files you want to be printed
  2. Add print options and any specific instructions or allow our printing consultants to select the best material and processes for you. 
  3. Our staff will assess your submission and issue you an estimate, typically this takes two to three business days. 
  4. Our staff may also reach out to you via our portal to request more information or a meeting about your application so that the best methods for production are chosen or to provide design-for-print feedback. 
  5. Requestor reviews and approves the estimate
  6. Once the job is approved our staff will print it and notify you when it is done
  7. After printing is completed, pay for your job before pickup
  8. Come to the print studio to pick up your job