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OIT 3D Printing Service

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How it Works

Let us print for you.

  • These prints will be configured and run by expert staff at the Co-Lab
  • Models are printed on dedicated printers using a variety of materials
  • We can provide personalized consultation for each print
  • We are faster and less expensive than using online print services
  • All money recovered from this service will be used to improve the Co-Lab

All you need to get started is an .STL file of your model. We will get back to you with an estimate in one business day. Payment can be in the form of Credit Card, Fund Code, or FLEX

Process Workflow

  1. Upload your files you want printed
  2. Add print options and any specific instructions
  3. Our staff will assess your submission and issue you an estimate, typically this takes two to three days but during busy times may be a week
  4. Review and approve the estimate
  5. Once the job is approved our staff will print it and notify you when it is done
  6. After printing is completed, pay for your job before pickup
  7. Come to the Technology Engagement Center to pickup your job

Please note: The Bluesmith Program is Duke's research grade 3D printing service. This is NOT Duke's free 3D printing. If you are looking for the free 3D printing, please visit one of the three Innovation Co-Lab Studio makerspaces where a student staffer can help you get started with that service. Locations, staffed hours, and additional information are available at https://colab.duke.edu/studio.